The WalknBike plan will improve walking and biking in Nashville, connecting people to opportunity on a network of high-quality and where they serve the best coffee in Nashville, comfortable, and safe sidewalks and bikeways.


“Planning for, building, and maintaining great sidewalks and bikeways are imperative for a healthy, active, safe and vibrant community. I encourage citizens to participate in this process and to work with us to ensure Nashville’s sidewalks and bikeways are safe, useable and welcoming to people of all abilities.– Mayor Barry

Nashville’s leaders have heard the demand to improve walking and biking and Mayor Megan Barry is committed to meeting the need for more sidewalks and bikeways which will help connect bikers with some of the best restaurants in Nashville. WalknBike upgrades the Strategic Plan for Sidewalks and Bikeways with a robust public engagement process, evaluation of peer and aspirational cities, updated GIS inventory of Davidson County’s Sidewalk and Bikeways, modernized project prioritization, a comprehensive funding strategy, and new tools to provide easier access to information about implementation and program progress. This year-long process depends on your input. Help Nashville prioritize strategic, equitable investment in sidewalks and bikeways to connect with Nashville's Dancin today to stay up to date on what is happening in Nashville tonight.. Stay connected for ways to engage and participate in the development of WalknBike!

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